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Custom software development for inter-modal, logistics, warehousing, ports and airports

Custom software development for inter-modal, logistics, warehousing, ports and airports

Airport Statistical Management Information

Our Airport Statistical Management Information System (ASMIS), is ideal software to help manage a small to medium-sized airport and to provide all the necessary management information.

ASMIS helps small to medium-sized airports monitor all aircraft, passenger and cargo activity more effectively.

ASMIS is a web-based application providing real-time information and management reports on all airport activity, including:

  • Aircraft arrivals and departures
  • Passenger numbers, embarking, disembarking and in transit
  • Cargo data
  • Analysis of Aircraft operator activity
  • Parking and overtime monitoring by Airline
  • Analysis of aircraft movements by type and by category
  • Service charge calculations and invoice production
  • Load factor calculations for effective decision making
  • Scheduled flight maintenance
  • Effective assistance for Air Traffic Control (ATCO)

Other features of the ASMIS system include: 

  • Flight information verification
  • Aircraft activity statistical information
  • Passenger and cargo movements
  • Analysis of flight information by type of movement
  • Billing of aircraft activity per operator for landings, parking and extensions.
  • Analysis of flight information per aircraft type
  • Invoice calculations for aircraft landings, parking and passenger disembarkation / embarkation fees
  • Billing calculations for ancillary airport services such as rentals and general service charges
  • Production of IATA  passenger schedules for recharging
  • The ability to email invoices and schedules to customers
  • Reports integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Yearly comparison analysis reports for passenger throughput, cargo handling and arrivals/departures
  • Security access levels to allow airlines to access their own information and update if necessary
  • Cash book facility for private aircraft aeronautical fees

ASMIS  is currently being used at a number of regional airports within the Caribbean area and we are now offering ASMIS  to all airports as either a standalone solution or integrated into existing computer systems.