New flight information display system from Ideal

Ideal Business Services Ltd  have developed a Flight Information Display System (FIDS)  module to accompany their ASMIS  software (Airport Statistics Management Information System).

ASMIS  helps small to medium-sized airports to monitor all aircraft, passenger and cargo activity more effectively. The web-based application provides real-time information and management reports on airport activity.

The FIDS  module now builds on this and enhances the airport experience for passengers, airport management and staff, giving:

  • Real-time displays of flight arrivals and departures
  • Information displayed automatically changes in line with each flight’s status
  • User-friendly flight schedule management and data entry
  • Data can be received electronically if available
  • Individual flight management
  • Multiple screen support to any size
  • Air Traffic Control access for immediate updates on aircraft movements
  • Automatically maintains flight statistics in Ideal’s ASMIS  system

Ideal are now offering ASMIS and FIDS  to all airports as either a standalone solution, or integrated into existing computer systems.


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